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          High-Qualified And Safety-Oriented Customized BMU With Twin Jibs

          Profile information:
          BMU with twin jibs -----BMU with twin jibs of China 1st BMU brand Brief Introduction: BMU is a permanent suspended access equipment for building fa?ade and window cleaning, maintenance etc.,
          basic information
          Detailed parameters
          BMU with twin jibs
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          Product description

          Trackless BMU

          -----Economical Trackless BMU of China famous brand CABRM

          Brief Introduction:

          BMU is a permanent suspended access equipment for building fa?ade and window cleaning, maintenance etc., with complete set of safety devices. For buildings differences, BMU should be designed according to the specific building characteristics.

          As the biggest specialized company of this field in China we shall provide you with engineering project designation, engineering project consultation specialized contractor and technical services, and we are expecting to become your long-term partner in China.

          Common Information:

          Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

          Brand Name: CABR/M

          Model Number: CWG250

          Motor and Reducer: SEW/NORD

          Wire rope: WOLF or Local Brand

          Cradle: Aluminum, customerized

          Movement type: on wheels

          Packaging: Nude and Wooden box packing

          After-sales Service Provided: installation guide and training

          Condition:  New

          Delivery Port: Tianjin Xin’gang, China

          Payment terms: L/C, T/T, etc.

          Applied for: garden platform, sight-seeing platform, without influencing building outlook.

          Technical Data:


          Main Parameters

          Track gauge


          Max. working    radius


          Working height


          Total weight


          Safe working    load(SWL)


          China Standard       GB19154-2003
          EU standards         EN1808


          Safety Devices of BMU/window cleaning gondola:

          ? Lower limit safety switch.

          ? Upper limit safety switch.

          ? Slewing safety switch.

          ? Cradle rotation safety switch.

          ? Approach system safety switch.

          ? Emergency stop switch.

          ? Emergency stop descent in case of power failure.

          ? Slack wire rope safety device.

          ? Overspeed safety device.

          ? Broken wire stop device.

          ? Overload control.

          ? Transmission Chain detector control.

          ? Power cable limit switch.

          ? End of wire rope safety switch.


          CABR Machinery is a leading economical trackless bmu of china famous brand cabr/m manufacturer and also a professional customized service provider in China. Welcome to get the high qualified equipment with us. We will offer you the finest after-sale service and quick delivery.

          Product parameters
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