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          Field speed limiter tester GTS-XW

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          Elevator testing equipment
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          Product description

            Site type speed limiter tester according to GB7588-2003 standard design, the requirements of the relevant driver, data acquisition, display and print speed limiter action speed testing instrument, applicable to special survey institute factory, elevator installation, elevator overall elevator maintenance company and other units in the field of elevator speed limiter for electrical and mechanical action speed of detection.

            1. Main functions

            The speed of the elevator speed and the speed of mechanical action can be detected at the site, and the results can be printed directly.

            Ii. Main features

            1. Adopt imported brand drill as drive actuator, the system will be set according to the speed limiter of rated speed, the operation of the automatic control electric drill, acceleration switch, not only improve the efficiency of test, and ensure the accuracy of test.

            2. Using high-precision encoder for speed measurement, the encoder is without human intervention, while the encoder is real-time speed measurement, which is more accurate and reliable than the traditional hall switch.

            3. Aluminum alloy case is adopted, which has a light weight and high strength. It has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-collision, dust proof and corrosion resistance.

            4. The embedded micro printer is used, the test results can be printed directly and the data is not discolored.

            5. To ensure the safety of personal and equipment, the electric drill will automatically stop operation after the test is completed.

            3. Main technical parameters

            1. Measuring range: 0.25 -- 7m/s;

            2. The error of the test is less than or minus 1%;

            3. Resolution: 0.001m/s

            4. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz;

            5. Volume: 470mm x 357mm x 176mm;

            6. The work temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

            7. Overall weight: less than 7.5 Kg.

          Product parameters
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