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          Elevator linkage test analyzer

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          Elevator testing equipment
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          Product description

            The CABR-JDLD-V1.0 elevator linkage test analyzer is a set of test equipment used in the field elevator linkage test to measure the tension of lifting or safety clamping of the speed limiter. The equipment is suitable for elevator installation, maintenance, fault diagnosis.

            I. Main functions

            The lifting force or the safety clamping of the speed limiter is required to lift the tension.

            II. Main technical features

            1. The pressure sensor is small and easy to install, without the need to remove the wire rope.

            2. The analyzer has a torque wrench to ensure that the pressure of the sensor on the wire rope will not damage the wire rope.

            3. Hand-held manipulator for data collection of pressure sensor, convenient operation and movement.

            III. Main technical parameters

            1. Measuring range: 0-3000N.

            2. Measurement error: less than or equal to 1 %.

            3. Resolution: 1 N.

            4. Access power: use 5# 5#1.5V battery power supply.

            5. Working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃.

          Product parameters
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